Hair replacement surgery

Although Northwest Trichology Centre does not carry out any form of surgery, Christine Jones is able to advise you on your suitability and will refer you to a recommended qualified surgeon.

This ensures every surgery patient is given all the appropriate advice and support required to ensure they are fully happy with their final result.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about hair grafting, hair plugs and other treatments.

Surgery for head and body hair

It is very important surgery candidates have a realistic view of what results can be achieved before they have a procedure.

Even though there are prescription drugs that can be preventative or enhance a surgical result, hair replacement surgery is the only permanent solution to hair loss. This can also be successfully carried out on eyebrows, eyelashes and scarring.

When the type of hair loss you have has been accurately diagnosed Christine Jones can then advise you of potential options.

Cosmetic hair thickeners

There are several products available which prove very useful to help camouflage a thinning area. These products have been specifically designed for ease of use and are side-effect free.

They “thicken” a thinning area by coating the hair shafts with an electro-statically charged fibre that is matched to the users own hair colour.

We know that reassurance and information is vital for a sufferer of hair loss. The Northwest Trichology Centre has over twenty years’ experience of successfully dealing with hair loss.