Male hair loss experts in Chester

The most common type of hair loss in males is male androgenetic hair loss which results in the typical thinning or balding associated with a family history of male hair loss.

This type of hair loss can start to appear at any time after the onset of puberty and is due to the effect of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

At Northwest Trichology Centre we are pleased to offer a range of male hair loss treatments suited to you as an individual. We can also refer you for hair replacement surgery.

Understanding male hair loss

DHT is a naturally occurring androgen that has various effects on the body including a very specified effect on scalp hair follicles that are genetically pre-determined to change. Selected or targeted hair follicles become reduced in size and activity resulting in visible hair thinning.

The onset age, severity and rate of the thinning is genetically determined and will only occur when testosterone is being converted into DHT by the activity of an enzyme called 5α reductase.

Prescription drug solutions for male hair loss

In recent years drugs have been developed to minimise the input of DHT but the patient’s suitability and potential must be assessed prior to use.

Northwest Trichology only use prescription medications for patients including topical 5% and 6% minoxidil and oral Propecia. These are the only medical treatments that have been clinically tried and tested.

Males experience a great many types of hair loss so diagnosis is the most important factor.