Female hair loss consultants in Chester

Many women find hair loss a terrifying and distressing condition which affects their confidence and self-esteem. For women, the prospect of facing a future with poor or no hair is devastating and unfortunately this can lead to them wasting valuable time and money on inappropriate and expensive treatments.

At Northwest Trichology Centre we are pleased to offer a range of female balding treatments suited to you as an individual.

Stages of the female hair loss treatment

The first stage in treatment has to be establishing the cause. This can only be done by evaluation including blood screening. There are so many different types of hair loss, each with a different cause. Treatment cannot be effective unless it is specific to the underlying cause and only then can the appropriate treatment be identified.

Women can experience hormonal dysfunction, genetic hair loss, auto-immune disease, dietary deficiencies and may be experiencing one or more types of hair loss simultaneously.

Medical and hormonal solutions

If a female is suffering from female androgenetic hair loss and hormonal dysfunction has been eliminated as a cause, there are several effective lines of therapy including oral anti-androgens, topical agents and changes in their existing drugs or medications.

Various contraceptive pills or HR Therapies can worsen an androgenetic hair loss. Northwest Trichology is able to advise patients on every aspect of their lifestyle that may be contributing to, or causing, their hair loss.

Once the cause has been identified, a high percentage of women will benefit from the numerous treatment options available. Contact us to begin to understand your condition.