Hair loss reasons

Many people experience hair loss at various times in their lives and for varying reasons. In many cases the hair loss will be temporary and will grow again quite spontaneously and naturally without any treatment.

The stress of experiencing a hair loss of unknown cause or outcome appears to exacerbate the situation in many people and as a result reassurance and monitoring by a qualified professional can help tremendously through a very difficult time. There are many diverse causes of hair loss, for example, hormonal, genetic, dietary deficiencies and auto-immunity. It is therefore essential the underlying cause is identified to minimise the hair loss to reduce future recurrences.

Temporary hair loss

Temporary hair loss can prove to be the most distressing type of hair loss for both male and female sufferers. This is because it can be very rapid and widespread and totally unexpected. In extreme cases it can lead to dramatic hair loss all over the body but in many cases it will not ever reach such devastating levels.

This type of hair loss may appear as increased hair shedding, scalp hair thinning, patches of hair loss, loss of eyebrows, eyelashes or bodily hair. It is often auto-immune in nature. Treatments can inhibit this spontaneous reaction but many patients will also spontaneously improve without any treatment.

Treatment options

The most common form of hair loss in both males and females is androgenetic in nature and is essentially naturally occurring and genetically predetermined. It is important in both sexes however to ensure hormonal levels are within normal parameters.

There are many different types of hair loss treatments available for many different types of hair loss and the underlying cause of the hair loss must be established prior to a patient beginning any line of treatment.

We know that reassurance and information is vital for a sufferer of hair loss. Northwest Trichology has over twenty years’ experience of dealing with this type of hair loss.